Technical papers and other literature can be downloaded using the links below.  

Substitution of Benzotriazole UV Absorbers in Plastics
Presented at the SPE Thermoplastic Elastomers TOPCON, September 2018.  This paper discusses how UV-328 and other benzotriazoles came to be classified as SVHC under REACH, and identifies potentially safer substitutes for additive users based on the results of a hazard assessment.
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GreenScreen® Assessment of Bumetrizole (UV-326)
This GreenScreen® hazard assessment was produced to help guide informed decision-making in the replacement of certain phenolic benzotriazole UV absorbers identified as chemicals of concern (including UV-320, UV-327, UV-328, and UV-350) with safer alternatives.  Bumetrizole (UV-326) was assessed against GreenScreen® version 1.2 criteria in the GreenScreen® 2015 Practitioner Program.

Weathering Fundamentals White Paper
Overview covering the effects of sunlight on plastics, test methods, and correlation between natural and accelerated weathering.

The Stabilization of Polypropylene and TPO:  An Overview
Presented at the SPE Automotive TPO Engineered Polyolefins Global Conference, October 2012.  A comprehensive review of the degradation and stabilization of polypropylene and TPO, with a focus on automotive applications.

Technical Approaches to Improving the Scratch Resistance of TPO.  Part I:  Surface Lubrication
Presented at the SPE Automotive TPO Global Conference, October 2007.  A review of the effects of additive systems based on surface lubricants in enhancing the scratch resistance of TPO. 

Light Stabilization of Polypropylene:  An Independent Perspective
Presented at the SPE International Polyolefins Conference, February 2007.  Back by popular demand, this paper reviews the photodegradation and stabilization of polypropylene with an emphasis on thick section applications.

Improving Molding Productivity and Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene with Nucleating Agents
Presented at the SPE Automotive TPO Conference, October 2002.  This paper presents an overview of nucleating agents for polypropylene and the benefits they provide.

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